Today, we encounter many POS systems in market. Most of them are so complicated to use, way too expensive to purchase, or even just work only like as low price cash register. RetailXPOS system is a retail management system loaded with powerful features. RetailXPOS system can not only work as standard cash register but also can print barcodes for reference, create payroll and income statement, manage lottery inventory records with care free, forecast next delivery order amount, and more.


Once the database is populated using our online data pool, users never have to remember the price of items. RetailXPOS can accept input by barcode, by price, by manual barcode number input, by preset no barcode item price, by pound. Lottery winning amount input automatically reduces total amount, EBT items' tax amount is automatically removed when EBT food stamp payment is selected. User training is not required because of simple human mind workflow.


RetailXPOS system keeps track of lottery inventory with care free, and prints lottery inventory record on each shift. Employees can never steal any single lottery ticket. RetailXPOS system writes journal on every cashier's action including void or refund action, and journal can be accessed at any time from the main screen. Customized customer receipt can hold 400 characters of 12 lines. Back Office can report credit settlement amount on any selected time period, and managers can compare the settlement amount with the actual deposit amount from the credit card company. System sends e-mail to manager on day close for the sales amount by time and by department.

Detailed features