From start to end

RestaurantXPOS is restaurant management system designed for any kind of restaurant. System is designed to take care of routine tasks from start to end. Built in time card system automatically keep track of employee's work hours and system can make payroll with one click. System can rout department orders automatically. System can report many types of report not limited to the shift report, but including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.


The more buttons you see on the POS, the more users get confused. Many POS system has many buttons on main order window, and simply make users confused. RestaurantXPOS system's main order screen has only 10 buttons. If you had chance to see other POS systems, you may have seen at least 20 buttons from their main screen. Even with 10 buttons, users can insert orders, add modifiers, void orders, transfer tab, change table or server, print recipe, discount check, add or remove gratuity, accept all kinds of payments, print guest checks, and split checks.


Transferring bar tab, printing orders to kitchen, visual floor plan... These are just basic, standard features, if the system is restaurant POS system. RestaurantXPOS can dynamically insert, remove, and move around seats belong to the target table on main screen, and can even assign check numbers with different colors so seats belongs to the same check can have same visual color. System can also print statistical reports in graphycal chart format, and export reports as 'Excel' readable files so manages can analyze business easily. The seamless online order listener routs and prints to each assigned department printer on online order without any extra cost.

Detailed features