Print Delivery Order

This application seamlessly prints delivery orders placed by customers from DoorDash or Grubhub site. Version 1.0 is published on July 1, 2020. All updates on this application will be free of charge for valid licensed users. This application will remove all tablets and printers from DoorDash and Grubhub, all human effort to confirm orders, and all unnecessary processes to prepare delivery order.

Image Gallery

Below image is the actually printed kitchen copy image. Click image to enlarge.

Printed Kitchen Copy

Below image is a screen shot of the report function. Click image to enlarge.

Print Delivery Order Report Chart

Version History

v. 2.3

v. 2.2

v. 2.1

v. 1.7





Will this Application Prevent My POS from Printing Dine-In Orders?

- No, it will not prevent your current POS printing. Reasons are, network POS printers are supposed to be shared with many devices. For this reason, your POS developers supposed to release printer after each printing by any device. However, this is not guaranteed. If your network printer is communicating with only 1 device (order station), there will be chance the printer is not released on each printing, which makes the printer exclusive use. Print Delivery Order application releases the target printer after each printing by following standard practice, which is 'network printer is designed to be shared by many devices.'

I am using RestaurantXPOS, do I need this Application?

- No, RestaurantXPOS is able to print orders from DoorDash and Grubhub seamlessly. You do not need this application. If you install this application, you will see duplicate order receipts printed.

Do I need any Tablets from DoorDash or Grubhub?

- No, this application prints order, and confirms order automatically. There is no need to have tablets provided by DoorDash or Gruhub.

Do I need Purchase a New POS Printers from DoorDash or Grubhub?

- No. If you have network POS printer in your place, please test first. Chances are very high that your current network POS printer will work. If works, this application will save money, space, and time.

My Network POS printer is not Listed on installer, can I Print Delivery Order?

- Yes, and no. Please test with this application first. If works, great. If does not work, you can still contact your POS printer vendor. However, this application is built on OPOS technology, which is built by standard POS industry companies, which means it is highly possible thet your standard network POS printer will work. Installation guide on this page shows more detail.

Is it Safe to Provide my E-mail Information to this Applicaiton?

- Yes. This application saves configuration as a file. Configuration file includes your e-mail address and password. Once application is configured, application will encrypt information. Below is an example configuration file's content. It is impossible for someone to see your email information from this file. To make the answer short, it is impossible for someone to get your email information from this application config file.

How can I Uninstall this Application?

- Locate setup.exe file in downloaded folder [Print Delivery Order]. Right click, and select [Run as Administrator].



Before Installation

Installation Steps

Istallation performs major steps as below.

  1. Download and install Print Delivery Order application to Windows device.

  2. Obtain network POS printer's IP address (If you know your printer's IP address, you can skip the step - Get IP address of Printer.)

  3. Register network POS printer to the Windows device using IP address using OPOS utility installed from step 1. Download and Install. When you select printer model, installer installs OPOS utility.

  4. Finalize installation by configuration on this application. [Print Delivery Order]

Printer's Model, IP Address and MAC address

Installation Process

1. Download and Install

Install [Microsoft POS for .Net]

Install OPOS for .Net utility

Enter parameters in [Print Delivery Order Application] Config Window

2. Get IP address of Printer

There are several methods to find IP address of your network printer as below. If you already have IP address of your printer, skip this step.

By [network printer]

By [DeviceList.exe]

By [EpsonNet Config]

By [your Router, or Modem]

3. Register Network Printer to Device

This step is showing how to retister network printer to the device using Epson OPOS for .Net utility. Basic idea is all same for other models. [Add Printer] - [Enter IP Address] - [Set Logical Printer Name].

4. Finalize Installation

Limitations without License