RestaurantXPOS Installer

Current version: 1.6

Please be advised, if you have downloaded either or Restaurant_XPOS_Installer_x64 already, there is no need to download these files again. If so, just download 'Rxpos Updater.exe' and cut and paste to the folder c:\RXPOS\Application. Updater will fix any errors, and update any updates made to the system. For more details please refer to support page.

Rxpos Updater.exe 

Update History

  • 2018/08/01: Online order page can hold customized banner image on top of the page. Please refer to online order for more detail.
  • 2018/07/27:
  • Only hotmail accolunt was able to receive report e-mail. Updated to any e-mail.
  • Modifier table in Rxpos database was missing foreign key. Fixed.
  • Shift report prints AMEX total amount now. Only day report was printing AMEX total.
  • 2018/07/24: Version 1.6
  • 2018/07/15: Error Fix: Installer was unable to point folder containing database population script.
  • 2018/07/15: Error Fix: Installer was unable to create shortcut and copy application to destination folder due to missing dll. Fixed.
  • 2018/07/15: Update: Application backup frequency was changed from every 30 days to every 7 days.
  • Purchase from eBay

    System requirements

    To uninstall RestaurantXPOS

    Limitation on Trial Version

    1. Trial version is not able to modify company name and address.
    2. Trial version is not able to process credit card payments.
    3. Trial version cannot remotely connect to server.
    4. Trial version cannot process online payment but will print order to kitchen once payment button clicked.
    5. All version will print if pos printer installed correctly.
      • Local POS Printer
        • Name: localptr
      • Kitchen POS Printer
        • Name: kptr, kptr# (where # can be 1 to 6). ex) kptr, kptr1, kptr2, ...... kptr6
        • Connection: Wired or wireless Ethernet to router or modem
      • POS Cash Drawer
        • Name: localptrDrawer
        • Open Signal: High Signal

    If you configure the testing station to accept cash when registering the station, you need open shift to access table.

    For more detail, please refer to the Support page.

    RetailXPOS Installer

    1. Download '' (Not available at this point. Will be updated later.)
    2. Extract to any folder.
    3. A new folder 'RetailXPOS_Installer' will be created.
    4. Open 'RetailXPOS_Installer' folder, click 'RetailXPOS_Installer.exe'
    5. Select appropriate option for your need.

      [Installation Options]

      • Database Server and RetailXPOS: Installs database and RetailXPOS for local database access.
      • RetailXPOS for Local db: Installs RetailXPOS for local database access.
      • RetailXPOS for Online db: Installs RetailXPOS for online database access.
      • Test Version: Same as the actual version. Ues pre-configured online database for your experience.
      Employee ID for Test Version is '1'.


    System requirements

    To uninstall RetailXPOS

    1. Go to 'Start' - 'Control Panel' - 'Programs' - 'Uninstall a Program'
    2. Select 'RetailXPOS'
    3. Click 'Uninstall/Change'
    4. Click 'OK' to uninstall application



    1. There is no limitation differences among installation options.
    2. Online version may take longer time than local db version on creating reports, due to extensive number of database queries.
    3. Online test version is not able to process credit card payments.
    4. Application prints appropriately if pos printers configured correctly.