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How Order System Works

Step 1. Enter youe name and phone number.
Step 2. Select department, item, and optional customizers.
Step 3. Click [Add to Order] button when you finish.

To add another item, repeat from Step 2.
Verify your order and total amount.
To cancel order, click [Cancel this order] button.
If you want to pick up your order, skip this step.
Click []Delivery checkbox for delivery.
Enter official address and offer amount for the driver. When you done, click [Offer Now] button.
All available drivers will get offer by instant message.
Offer state will be Offer sent! as above. Also New Total is updated.
To cancel offer, simply uncheck []Delivery check box.
To correct address or offer amount, you can click [Offer Now] button again with adjusted information.
As soon as any available driver accepts your offer, order state will be updated as Offer accepted by driver.
Enter required card information to pay. Once your order is paid, the driver will pick up your order and deliver it to you address.
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